The grief contradiction – #brokenbutstrong

This blog has been knocking around in my head for a good few months, but it's been brought to a head by a couple of Instagram posts I saw by a brilliant lady I follow called Anna Mathur (@annamathur). Anna put a post up about how she'd been attacked by an online troll with this [...]

Finding your tribe – #togetherforchange

I recently wrote a social media post on the fourth anniversary of Henry’s funeral about how grateful I am to his two godfathers and his godmother for their incredible support in our darkest days, and especially at his funeral where they all took on central roles in the day in the least godparent-like activity you [...]

Why we do it

A few different things have happened this week that have me reflecting on topics such as language, the concerns of friends, why we talk about our babies that are no longer here, and society's understanding (or lack of understanding) of stillbirth and baby loss. So I wanted to try and verbalise my thoughts on these issues. [...]

Finding out why

Writer's block lifted and back to our journey! So a couple of weeks after Henry’s funeral, we were back at the hospital for the results of his post-mortem. This was not the sort of six-week check-up we had spent all those months anticipating. That morning I recall just trying to get my head around that [...]

Timehop often makes me smile. But it can still do one…

I've had a bit of writer's block for the last couple of months. Lots of things happening at home that have kept me super busy, although I've got about six different blog posts on the go at the moment! Last week I had highs and lows with Facebook's 'On This Day' feature. What a fun [...]

Bereaved parents are not ratings fodder

Earlier today I was speechless with amazement at the news that our charity Our Angels' second annual conference for midwives and student midwives, this year in partnership with the University of York Student Midwifery Society, had sold out in just 18 hours. This was an amazing outcome, and one which shows only too clearly how [...]

Why does research scare people?

I really want to get a balance with this blog (and its new little brother, pine_cones_and_study_days on Instagram) between documenting our story and spreading awareness & helping to ensure that there’s good information out there to help reduce the number of families walking in these uncomfortable shoes that you can’t take off. On Monday I [...]