Out of the mouths of babes

So after an unfortunate Saturday morning working in Blackpool (any Saturday mornings working are unfortunate, nothing against Blackpool!), it turned out that my sister-in-law Jodie and my wonderful niece Millie (not that Jodie's not wonderful too, of course) were also in Blackpool on a weekend trip. So I took the opportunity to go and hang [...]

But the world keeps turning…

So, two days after Henry's funeral, I was back at work. I'm lucky, I work in the healthcare industry - it's packed full of people who care, people who have compassion. So every customer I went to see, every hospital I got to, I was surrounded by love and support - and a special shout [...]

The days that followed – numbness and compassion

So how do you prepare yourself to walk out without your child, with just a memory box to help fill your empty arms? You can’t. Nothing can prepare you for that. We got home on that Sunday afternoon, and I can’t remember a thing about the rest of the day. We were both just numb, [...]

Two days to last a lifetime

Two days to make a lifetime of memories. I think I slept for about an hour, maybe two, that night, in a handful of short bursts. Briony was kept in the normal delivery room overnight for observation. I slept in fits and starts in the chair next to her, cuddling Henry, putting him back in [...]

Henry’s birthday – the day our world changed forever

So the sun did come up on Friday 2nd May, 2014. It hadn't felt like it was going to - and it wouldn't be the last time we'd have that feeling. I don't remember what the weather was like, but it was beautiful weather the couple of days before and after (or after Sunday at [...]

Father’s day when your son isn’t here

I'm taking a break from walking you all through our journey in order today to say thanks to Facebook. Thanks tastecard. Thanks a lot Thorntons. Thanks a lot England Rugby. Thanks very much Village Hotels and the Foundry Project (the free pint DOES sound good though). Thanks a lot even the bloody Royal Horticultural Society [...]

In limbo…

This storm wasn’t one that we’d seen gathering on the horizon. We never saw it coming. We were thrown into the middle of it in an instant. We knew above all else we had to stick together like superglue. At that moment, we didn’t know much else. Everything we thought we knew, it turned out [...]

When the world caves in

So we’d done all our planning, everything was organised. Ante-natal classes all done, passed the test of putting nappies on dolls (just). Everything had gone swimmingly and we had the date for induction, Friday 2nd May 2014, 38 weeks. Friday April 25th was Briony’s last day at work and her maternity leave began, a week [...]

Blissfully unaware

If there's one thing that losing your child does more than anything, it is that it totally robs you of any innocence or naivety you may have had surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. What I've discovered since we lost Henry is that the vast majority of people who haven't experienced baby loss have no idea of [...]

Our story – an introduction to us

Our son Henry was stillborn on 2nd May 2014 at 38 weeks. We found out two days earlier that he had passed away. So for the last three (and a bit) years, we've been navigating a very different experience from the one we had imagined as first time parents. We went from having a nursery [...]